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TicketNoMore.com California traffic school - No more tickets, literally

Just received a traffic ticket? Want to keep it off? Enroll in the TicketNoMore.com online traffic school in California!

Speed violations and at-fault accidents can lead to a one-point penalty on your driver's license. The more points you accumulate, the higher your car insurance costs are. To keep the rates low, enroll in our course and avoid license suspension if you've already got four points for the last twelve months.

By registering with the TicketNoMore.com traffic school online, you can get out of stuffy classrooms and learn when you want. There's no need to pick up the pace of other students or take quizzes that build upon themselves.

DMV-licensed traffic school with engaging quizzes and unlimited tries

Boring, outdated course content can drive any motorist mad. But could studying at a traffic school be engaging? A resounding yes!

TicketNoMore.com is an easy, fast, and cheap traffic school where you won't spend hours flipping through hundreds of pages to pass an exam. Instead, you'll take interesting quizzes to refresh your knowledge and get back behind the wheel with no points ruining your clean driving record.

Don't worry if you fail on the first try. You aren't limited to the number of times you can take multiple-choice quizzes before the final exam. What's more, we will pinpoint the wrong answers and let you work on them again.

Handle a traffic citation in a timely fashion

Licensed by the DMV (E1884), the TicketNoMore.com California traffic school is ideal for masking your traffic ticket thanks to:

  • Well-crafted online course with a free certificate
  • High pass rate (99.9%), as proven by motorists
  • 24/7 access to the study section
  • Express delivery for most courts

Score as low as 70% (only 25 questions!), and that's it. Once you complete the course, your citation will be sent to the court as a plea in abeyance. The list of courts will be specified upon your registration.

Sign up with the cheapest traffic school online

If your driving record is full of points, you can't pay the fees and call it a day. To deal with a traffic ticket, register with TicketNoMore.com, specify the state and court you've got your citation from, and proceed to checkout. Once your payment is received, you can jump-start your final exam preparation session to keep issues off the record.

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TicketNoMore.com traffic school:

We are licensed in California and Nevada. Ticket No More is a registered trade mark.

I truly appreciate the excellent customer service you provided. I actually had a good time completing the program, and I will definitely recommend your service.

T. Thomas Riverside, CA

  • Finish Fast!
  • 99.9% Pass Rate.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Express Delivery options available.
  • Free Certificate.

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