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Traffic Signs

The best way to immediately clue into what signs mean, before even reading what they say, is to notice their shape. Just like the colors of traffic lights, these shapes have already been impressed into most drivers' unconscious memories:
  • The eight sided (octagonal) red sign means make a FULL STOP, before proceeding any further (Figure 1.1). As we will reiterate a few times throughout the course, you should always stop behind the white limit line . If there's no limit line, stop at the corner, or where you are not obstructing oncoming traffic. The California Vehicle Code says that if there is no line, a proper stop is at the entrance of the intersecting roadway (rather than already in the roadway). On a divided highway, stop signs are for vehicles that are crossing or turning onto the highway.
  • Stop Sign
    A five-sided sign, (in the shape of a house) tells you a school is nearby (Figure 1.7) . In our section on speed laws, we will cover how to drive around schools. HINT : you should drive SLOWLY.
    Figure 1.7

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